Steampunks in Space this weekend 23rd & 24th November in Leicester space centre

This weekend come and join us in an alternative universe, surround yourself in space facts, ephemera and rockets aplenty. Oh and there will be fun, games entertainment and traders too.

here is the link with all the details

Alittle fascinator sparkle.










The Golden One Steampunk Top Hat
Steampunk Pirate Hat
Swash your steampunk buckles with this Dandy Pirate

A Little Revamp…

It’s been a little while since a  friend and all round good egg Steven Thompson at BigDaddy Digital  suggested I make a few changes to make this site more viewer friendly.

Now as we all know my Tech skills are a bit ropey but with a bit of encouragement and assistance I’ve had a go and hopefully this will make navigating via the menu a tad easier?

PS. These changes are my own efforts so be kind with your constructive comments, Thank you  x

Here is the cheeky link to his instagram have a look and join his tribe for lots of hints and tips. 

The Tartan Prince
The Tartan Prince an image from a while ago now




Off to Haworth this weekend

This weekend is The Haworth Steampunk Weekend we will be trading in The Methodist Church Hall both days so please pop along for some gratuitous hat wearing and selfie frame indulging

Here is the link

There will also be this:

And many of these too…

So climb aboard you transportational devices and join the merriment.

Its The Kings Lynn Convivial this Saturday folks

We hope you can join us at The Dukes Head in Kings Lynn on Saturday where steampunk fun and mayhem is guaranteed. The sat nav info is PE30 1JS.

The link

New hats to entice you

Chasing Time steampunk top hat size 58cm
Evening Journey Steampunk inspired Pill Box Hat enhanced with semi precious stones
Royal Amethyst steampunk top hat enhanced with semi precious stones

On our travels southwards for the weekend Hastings Steampunk Circus of Curiosities

The truck is packed in readiness for our departure to St Leonards on Sea for the circus of curiosities at the weekend. We hope you can come and join us and enjoy the last few days of summer and the spectacle that awaits you…

The link and the postcode for your navigational device TN37 6 EG

A top hat with a pirate twist “The Gentleman Seafarer”

Steampunk top hat Steampunk top hat inspired by the carnival Peacock Carnival size 56cm


Torn from her world and the pages of a book steampunk top hat Story of Alice



A little creative endeavour with goggles

Whilst I have be recovering from the enormously grand Asylum I took the opportunity to adorn some Airsoft Goggles and here is the results.

They will be making their debut at The Hastings Steampunk circus of curiosities at the weekend

Adorned steampunk goggles
Steampunk adorned Airsoft Goggles
Adorned steampunk goggles
Adorned steampunk airsoft goggles
Adorned Steampunk Goggles
Adorned steampunk airsoft goggles
Adorned Steampunk Goggles
Red wire adorned airsoft Steampunk goggles