The New Do……..

Madame Lavante's new do!

After some consideration it was thought that Madame Lavante should go back to her roots and return to the natural lilac rinse!! Then there was nothing for it but to make a new hat, well fascinator really. 

Our Latest Re-Cycled Find!


This is our latest recycled find, we are calling her Gloria because she is simply  retro, golden and glorious.

She will be making her début  at The Steampunk spectacular in Suffolk on 12th & 13th July, drop by our stall and see her in all her Glory.

Well I Can Truely Eat My Hat!

I had a birthday recently and my very good friends very graciously made me this very fabulous cake. It really takes the old adage I’ll eat my hat to a new choctastic level. Thank you very much ladies.

Choctastic Hat