Artist Statement.

Eximius Res

“collecting is informed by the desire to insure the owner against

the inevitability of loss, forgetting and incompletion.”

N. Cummings & M. Lewandowska

My work is a collection of mundane, mass produced objects, unwanted and discarded for a myriad of reasons. These artefacts retrieved from the everyday are embossed and assimilated into a faux museum.

The common denominator being they are overlooked, redundant and outdated detritus. Regenerated, their former forgotten care and attention has been revisited and is now once again lavishly bestowed upon them, alluding to their once former value and credence.

Displayed on a viewing table, catalogued in an accession register and presented as a pseudo-archive, this piece seeks to investigate the idea; that the ordinariness of an object can act as a stimulant to our collective memories, exploring the relationships between our incessant need to own and consume and the transient nature of life itself. 

“Ownership of an object offers us fleeting happiness at the moment

of connection with something we perceive as unique.”

Cummings /Lewandowska

Whilst the value of any object is truly subjective, collectors and travellers have indeed gathered, archived and displayed the ordinary and extraordinary in the vain attempt to prompt us all perhaps to look beyond the practical and aesthetic into the world of Eximius Res1.

Gail Young

1. Extraordinary objects